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Funding and Event Approvals through SGA

Who/What do we fund?

We fund all recognized clubs and organizations as well as any student programming/ offerings through the Student Life office at NCCC.  The funding comes from the mandatory Student Activity Fee students pay as part of their tuition bill.  Part of the fee helps cover the cost of the graduation ceremony every year and is not part of the allocated monies SGA has to assist with funding for activities.  Any activities or groups that required GPAs, tryouts, or restrict access to all students, we are unable to fund. Some examples of those would be cheerleading, honor societies. etc. IF groups allow access to everyone at a specific event, we are able to consider funding those events through our funding process.

We are a Club – How do we get funding?

There are 2 ways clubs can get funding-

  1. Request a budget line for the following academic year to help cover costs for the upcoming year for the club. These requests are due typically in March to be considered.
  2. Request money from the general clubs’ accounts at a finance committee meeting! – *Please see the section about requesting money*

We are a NOT a club but are looking for Funding from SGA – HELP

SGA does fund many different events and initiatives that support all students and that are open to students. If the Student Activity budget allows, the SGA finance committee will hear the request for funding if all policies and procedures are followed correctly.

Procedures/Policies to request Funds from SGA

**Before completing the forms, check if the rooms are available for your event!**

  1. Fill out the correct request form that matches your request! Example- Event Request form is for ANY event you may be doing, Travel Request Form is for any traveling your organization may be doing (conference, field trip, etc.)
  2. Turn in form to the Clubs and Organizations electronically at least 24 hours prior to the next scheduled finance meeting and at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled event or 4 weeks prior to your scheduled travel date.
  3. Attend the Finance Meeting to present your request ** A representative MUST be present to present your request**Your request will not be reviewed until you can meet with the SGA finance committee
  4. If you cannot attend SGA finance meetings at 1:00pm- 2:00pm on Tuesdays in G244, you can request a new date through Heather Trumble * Times and Dates may be limited due to student scheduling*
  5. Once the request is reviewed, wait for approval from SGA Vice President to purchase anything or advertise.
  6. Typical response time is between 24-48 hours for approvals

Once My Request is Approved

  1. Fill out the PR through the online system if purchasing anything * MUST be filled out PRIOR to your event *
  2. Give any advisements to Jennifer Schwab for approval and printing – ** Please see our Snap Frame policy on the Student Life website for details if you have questions about hanging flyers*
  3. Confirm any orders with Dining Services and obtain BEO from them if ordering from them – PR is required when ordering from them as well. Attach BEO to the PR!
  4. Any cash advances or any advance purchasing MUST have the PR done prior to the purchasing and the event.
  5. Complete Work Orders for any tables/chairs and set up needs. Layouts are optional but helpful to operations to make sure you have the correct setup. Must submit these NO LATER than 1 week prior to the event.
  6. Confirm your room request and do any facilities usage form for any rooms that are NOT the SEL, G-177A, G-117B, or G-244 – Book the SEL G-177A or G-117B, G-244 with the Student Life support staff person.
  7. Request and reserve any supplies you need from Student Life at least 5 days PRIOR to your event (balloons, sign arrows, sign poles, cash box, games, etc.)

For questions, contact any of SGA executive board members

Ally Knuutila-Clark – SGA President –
Andrew Binks – Vice President –
Rena Spangler – Treasurer –
Sonia Swann – Secretary –
Mia Montibello – Student Events Coordinator –
Heather Trumble – SGA Advisor –
Jennifer Schwab – Student Life Grad Assistant


Student Life
Phone: 716-614-6255
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Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00am – 4:00pm