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Student Success Center


The Student Success Center (SSC) is committed to providing continuing students at SUNY Niagara the necessary support services to successfully achieve their personal and academic goals. If you are looking for information regarding your Academic Advisor, want to change your advisor, or need general academic counseling you will find it in the “SSC”. The “SSC” also offers counseling services pertaining to Excelsior Scholarships, Student Outcome Tracking (SOT), withdrawal counseling, and change of major information.

Our services include:

  • Academic Counseling – Success Coaches are available to answer student academic questions, assist students in fulfilling graduation requirements, and provide referrals to other on-campus support services.
  • Advisement Services – Students who wish to inquire about their advisor or change their current advisor can meet with a Success Coach to discuss their options.
  • Academic Programs with Pre-Requisite Change of Majors – Students looking to change majors into an academic program with pre-requisites (e.g. Radiologic Technology) should make an appointment with an SSC Success Coach to discuss eligibility requirements and strategies pertaining to changing into one of these majors.
  • Change of Major – Change of major applications are available online or can be completed within the Student Success Center in D-102. Students can meet with an SSC Success Coach to discuss the Major Change and the effect it will have on their educational path.
  • Excelsior Counseling – Students who receive an Excelsior scholarship should meet with an SSC Success Coach before making any changes of major or adding or dropping of classes.
  • Rebound Program – Academic Notice students needing additional academic and student support services to help recover their GPA above a 2.0.
  • Student Outcome Tracking Counseling – SUNY Niagara has implemented Student Outcome Tracking (Course Eligibility for Financial Aid). This program will assist students in determining financial aid eligibility for each of their courses. Students cannot be awarded financial aid for classes that do not count toward their degree or certificate program requirements. SSC Success Coaches are available to talk about options pertaining to SOT.
  • Withdrawal Counseling – Although the withdrawal form can be found in the Registration & Records Office, students are encouraged to discuss withdrawal options with an SSC Success Coach prior to withdrawing from SUNY Niagara.


Phone: 716-614-6290
Fax: 716-614-6814
Location: D-102