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Student Success Center

Academic Counseling FAQs

How do I change my major?

You can call 614-6290 or go to Room D-102 to schedule an appointment to see a counselor in Student Success Center or you can go to and follow these directions:

  • Select Banner Web
  • Enter secure area using your Twolves login or student ID # and PIN
  • Click Student Services and Financial Aid tab
  • Click Student Records
  • Select Curriculum Change Application
  • Complete and submit an application

If I am doing poorly in a class, what will happen if I withdraw from (drop) it?

During the first three weeks of a term, if you drop a class, it is removed from your schedule. It will not count for credits toward financial aid. After the first three weeks of the term, a “W” grade is given. These credits are viewed as “attempted credits”. Financial aid may be reduced; check with the Financial Aid office, A-117.

If I signed up for classes, but never attended, do I still owe a bill?

Yes. Once you choose your classes in Banner, you reserve a seat in each class and you will be responsible to pay for the classes. You must withdraw from your classes before the semester begins to avoid a bill.

What if a course is closed?

You can choose another course from the alternatives listed on your advisement sheet. You can also check Banner Web periodically through the first week of classes to see if the course has any openings.

What if I need help registering on Banner Web from home?

If you need assistance with Banner Web, contact the Registration & Records Office at 614-6254 during their normal business hours or email them at The email will be answered during business hours.  You can also find help on the “Welcome to SUNY Niagara Banner Web” page.

What if I don’t pass my current courses?

You can change your schedule on Banner Web after you find out your current grades. If you are going to repeat a failed or passing course and are receiving financial aid, make sure to check with the Financial Aid office before doing so.

What if I need to change my schedule?

You have access to add/drop courses on Banner Web through the first week of classes.  You must maintain at least 12 credits if you are planning on full-time enrollment.

What is academic probation?

A student is placed on Academic Probation when he/she has too many attempted credits and too few earned credits and/or a low GPA. See the Academic Progress Chart in the College catalog. This notification is a very serious warning that future classes must be completed successfully in order to return to good academic standing and to receive financial aid.

When is payment due?

Payment dates are listed on the Registration & Records website and Banner Web. You are responsible for accessing your bill via Banner Web. You will not be mailed a bill.

When is the earliest date I can register?

At 12:01 a.m. on your designated start date. This date is provided to you by the Registration & Records Office.

Where can I go if I need personal counseling?

If you are in need of personal/emotional counseling, you can go to the Wellness Center, C-122. All inquiries are kept confidential.


Phone: 716-614-6290
Fax: 716-614-6814
Location: D-102