Student Showcase

Welcome to the 2020 Edition
of the NCCC Student Showcase!

Thank you for taking the time to experience some of the best student work from Niagara County Community College. Our students, working closely with Faculty mentors, and representing every division on campus, have created a remarkable set of projects.

The Showcase Planning Committee thought these fantastic students needed to be recognized, even if they were unable to present their projects in person. The efforts of Corey Wright, Ryan Herman, and the staff of the NCCC Public Relations department made our digital Showcase possible.

Thank you again for visiting the 2020 NCCC Student Showcase.

Showcase Planning Committee
Professor Matthew Clarcq – Chair
Professor Pamela Lange
Professor Robert Morris
Professor Paul Ratka

Congratulations to our
People’s Choice Winner
Lily Stafford!

716 vs. 813: What’s the Move?
Lily Stafford

Faculty Mentor: Paul Ratka

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The faculty, staff, administrators, and community are incredibly proud of our students. To show that pride tangibly, the following faculty, staff, administrators, and community members donated prize money for this year’s NCCC Student Showcase:

Academic Affairs

  • Patricia Daboll
  • Monica Lopoyda
  • Brian Michel
  • Lydia Ulatowski
  • Wendy Warchocki

Academic Center for Excellence

  • Madison Ebsary


  • Pam Dixon
  • Marty Drake
  • Karen Drilling

Buildings and Grounds

  • Pamela Baker

Business Office

  • Kathleen Kanouff-Taylor

Business, Technology, and the Arts

  • Audrey Agnello
  • Nancy Knechtel
  • Dave Nemi
  • Sue Siegmann
  • Debbie Sorrentino
  • Lori Townsend

Career and Transitional Services

  • Alissa Shugats-Cummings

Community Members

  • Sandra Muscato

Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts

  • Cathleen Barron
  • Josh Blumberg
  • Dana DeFazio
  • Daniel DiPirro
  • Sabrina Faso
  • Nathan Koscielski
  • John Matwijkow
  • Myriah Meyer
  • Scott Steiner
  • Seana Sullivan

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Bridget Beilein
  • Mark Bonacci
  • Suzanne Buffamanti
  • Matthew Clarcq
  • Kathy Gerbasi
  • Michele Hamilton
  • Katherine Johnson
  • Pamela Lange
  • James Mezhir
  • Bob Morris
  • James Murphy
  • Cindy Oberjosh
  • Rama Parai
  • Marc Pietrzykowski
  • Paul Ratka
  • Elizabeth Sachs
  • Harsh Sharma
  • Ian Stapley
  • Collen Summerville
  • Kelly Walck

Library Learning Center

  • Jennifer Crandall
  • Nancy Kennedy
  • Jean Linn
  • Mary Beth Morse
  • Barbara Rupple
  • Laurie Schmidt
  • Jeanne Tuohey
  • Maureen Winters

Nursing and Allied Health

  • Babette Strassburg

Online Learning

  • Lisa Dubuc


  • Jen Allen
  • Barbara Maynard

President’s Office

  • William Murabito

Public Relations

  • Barbara DeSimone

Registration and Records (group donation)

Retired Faculty

  • Kathy Gerbasi


  • Lynn Oswald

Science, Health, and Mathematics

  • Danielle Brant
  • Bethany Gysbers
  • Anne Jowsey
  • Paul Shkilnyj
  • Yvonne Szymanski
  • Budd Termin
  • Christine Tirella
  • Gail Tylec

Student Services

  • Liz Meacham
  • Julia Pitman

Wellness Center

  • Joann Chopra
  • Cheryl Yager