Tuition and Fees

Tuition Payment Plan

Over-borrowing is a common regret among student loan recipients. As an alternative, NCCC offers a tuition payment plan option that allows students to pay tuition, fees, and other charges in four (4) monthly installments for fall and spring terms. We also offer a summer payment plan option with three (3) monthly installments. The plan balance is calculated after all estimated or actual financial aid and other payments are considered.

Electronic applications are available via the Forms tab above. Paper forms are no longer accepted. Remember we need to receive both the electronic application and first payment to set you up on the plan.

There is a non-refundable enrollment fee. For a missed installment payment, a late payment fee will be assessed. Both fees will be assessed at the currently published rate.

Payment Plan Installment Due Dates:

  • Fall term: 4th Thursday of July, and every four weeks (28 days) thereafter for a total of four payments.                                
  • Spring term: 2nd Thursday of December, and every four weeks (28 days) thereafter for a total of four payments                                     
    • For Fall and Spring terms, we offer two different payment percentage schedules: Plan A (15%, 15%, 35%, and 35% or term balance due) and Plan B (25%, 25%, 25%, and 25% or term balance due)
  • Summer term: 4th Thursday of April, and every four weeks (28 days) thereafter, for a total of three payments
    • For the Summer term, we offer one Plan, and each payment is 33.3% of the total bill.  The final payment will be for the term balance due.
  • All Payment Plan forms are electronic Dynamic Forms – we no longer accept paper forms.

Visit the Cashier’s Office, email, or call 716-614-6443 for more information.

If you are ready, select your Plan Choice using the links below:


Cashier’s Office
Phone: 716-614-6443
Fax: 716-614-6444
Location: A-205 – Notar Admin Bldg.
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00am – 4:00pm