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Tuition and Fees

Refund/Liability Schedule

Refund/Liability Schedule

Refund and liability calculations of tuition and fees will be based on your official or unofficial withdrawal date in accordance with College policy and SUNY regulations. Schedules are published for all terms and can be found on Banner Web and the College website in detail, and in the Billing Information brochure in summary. Refunds will not be made to students who do not attend classes and have not completed the withdrawal procedure. Academic drop deadlines are not the same as refund and liability schedules. The College’s general refund/liability policy for full-term classes is outlined below; refer to the detailed refund/liability schedule for Mod class refund dates.

Fall, Spring, and Summer Session III; LPN Course

Courses DroppedRefundLiability
Prior to 6th day of term100%0%
6th & 7th day of term75%25%
2nd week of term50%50%
3rd week of term25%75%
After 3rd week of term0%100%

Summer Sessions I and II

Courses DroppedRefundLiability
Prior to 2nd day of term100%0%
2nd-7th day of term25%75%
After 1st week of term0%100%

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Return of Federal Financial Aid Policy:

Federal law mandates how a school must compute the amount of Federal financial aid that a student earns if he/she withdraws (officially or unofficially), takes a leave of absence, drops out of school, or is dismissed prior to completing more than 60% of the term.  Specifically, for the Fall and Spring terms, the amount of Federal financial aid that the student earns is based on the percentage of a semester completed.  All unearned Federal financial aid must be returned to the source.  Careful consideration should be given to the financial consequences of separating from the College prior to completing 60% of a Spring or Fall semester.  Summer semesters and most Mods within all terms have different rules governing Federal financial aid. Additional information regarding this policy is available from the Financial Aid Office.


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