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SUNY Niagara Veterans Memorial Park

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This project affords SUNY Niagara an opportunity to honor the greater Niagara County veteran community by providing a Veterans Memorial Park representing those who served in the armed forces. Relocating and expanding the current standalone monument enables the College to offer community programming celebrating Niagara County’s proud heritage of armed forces enlistment. Area veterans and their families along with SUNY Niagara alumni and employees would be invited to memorialize their service on the park’s monument. They would be honored annually during Veteran’s Day ceremonies. From Lockport to Niagara Falls, the impact of this project would endure for generations to come.

Distinguished: $20,000+

GREENWAY funding is provided by the sponsorship of NIAGARA COUNTY through the HCSC funded by NYPA Relicensing Agreement
SUNY Niagara Class of 2022
SUNY Niagara Class of 2023
Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter #268

Leadership: $10,000+

Delta Sonic
Grigg Lewis Foundation, Inc.
Dr. William Murabito

Benefactor: $5,000+

Dr. James Mezhir
Niagara County American Legion

Patron: $1,000+

Calamar Construction Management
Cheri Yager
David Oldani
Gina Virtuoso
Lockport Devil Dog Detachment, Inc. Marine Corps League
Navy Marine Club, Inc.
Rise Up Niagara

Associate: $500+

American Legion B. Leo Dolan Post #410
American Legion Martin F. Jennings Post #836
American Legion Sanborn Post #969
Ann Briody Petock
David Moore
Deborah Brewer
Donald House
Earl Zortman
Frances Sorge Dotton
Gay & Richard Molnar, a gift made in memory of our family Veterans who served our county with honor
Nancy Knechtel
Navy Ship #110 Lockport
Pendleton Veterans Association
Rotary Club of Niagara County Central
Sanborn Post No.969, The American Legion
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2535

Friend: $150+ (Veterans name engraved on the wall)

Angelo Otero
Barbara Walck
Bill Silvis
Bob and Cindy Meyers
Bonnie Rice
Brian Michel
Carl Crane
Catherine Brown
Charles Treichler
Cindy Oberjosh
Constance Fritschi
Cristoforo Colombo Society
David Johnson
David Oldani
Derek Duggan
Diane Sweet
Douglas Torrey
Dr. Martin Drake
Francis Sullivan
Gary Pettit
Jennifer Conley
Jennifer MacNeil
John Eichner
Joseph LaScala
Joseph Potalivo
Julie Snyder
Karen Cristiano
Karen Oddy
Kelly Villa
Kevin Clark
Kirk and Janie Brown
Linda Ross
Lisa Mahl
Marc O’Hearn
Margaret Vincent
Maria Crea
Martin Grunzweig
Mary Seaman
Melissa Stolzenburg
Michael Sieczkowski
Michele Madigan
Murphy Family
Nancy Babis
SUNY Niagara Alumni Committee
Norman Pearson
Norman Schroth
Patricia Klinger
Paul Siejak
Priscilla Ferguson
Robert King
Robert Morris
Robert Tubbs
Rodney Neubauer
Ronald Mirabelli
Ronald Winter
Sal Messina
Sarafino Saraf, Jr.
Stacey Buccella
Stefanie Orefice
Steve Hoover
Teresa McEvoy
Terry Swann
Thomas Ewing
VFW Lake Ontario Post #313
Vincent Cancemi
Vincent Scherber
Wayne Lynch
Wendy Warchocki
William Ross
William Tubbs

Other Gifts:

Allison Korta
Canvas Crashers
Carrie Boyd Roof
Cathy Vanderwalker
Christina Cerrone Pecoraro
Daniel Jackson
David Brown
David Oldani
Denise Prohaska
Derek Pew
Dianne-Ida Bly
James Turner
Jerry Wolfgang
Jesse Goldberg
Kathy Dolce
Lester Robinson III
Michael LaFever
Michael Pikus
Paul Raczkiewicz
Rosemary Sweetman
Rose Mary Warren
Virginia Taylor