Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Mission: To provide innovative, customer-responsive training opportunities to lead the economic development of our community.

Our Vision: Empowering our community through development of a skilled, dynamic, and diverse workforce.

Workforce Development’s accelerated training, in-demand skills certification programs, and customized training solutions offer convenient options to meet your needs. We offer Continuing Professional Education, non-degree programs to meet your career goals, and community classes and activities for personal enrichment. Through our Corporate Training services, we can integrate and customize resources to best fit your needs. Training is our core business, and our staff, instructors, and trainers are ready to assist in developing and implementing a training plan that supports your individual needs or business model, and helps achieve your learning goals!


(Gaining Occupational Academic & Leadership Skills)

NCCC offers Workforce Development and Continuing Education grant opportunities through Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) grant.   Certificate training classes taken at no cost for eligible youth ages 17-24 who are looking to further their skills in a short period of time for better employment and career options.

What are the benefits?

The WIOA grant offers students the opportunity to receive the following benefits:

  • Academic Support
  • Counseling & Career Guidance
  • Guaranteed Interviews Upon Course Completion
  • Monetary Incentives
  • NFTA Transportation
  • Tuition & textbook assistance

Who is eligible?

Qualifying youth between the ages of 17-24 looking to further their education and start a successful career.

Who do I contact for more information?

Rhonda Bivins-Talley, WIOA Grant Program Director
Phone: 716-614-6284

***For information regarding programs and services for adults age 25 & up please call: 716-614-6236 or 716-614-6213.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Grant is generously funded by the Niagara County Workforce Development Board

Open book

Upcoming Classes

Date/TypeClass Name
WEBLegal Studies
1/11/2021 ServSafe Manager
1/19/2021 Plant Protection
1/19/2021 Herbaceous Plants
1/19/2021 Turf Management
1/19/2021 Interior Plantscapes & Tropicals
1/19/2021 The Biology of Cannabis
1/19/2021 Cannabis Pest Management
1/23/2021 Pharmacy Technician
1/25/2021 ServSafe Foodhandler
1/30/2021Basic EMT – Original
1/30/2021Basic EMT – Original
2/1/2021Sterile Processing Technician
2/2/2021Basic EMT – Original
2/2/2021Basic EMT – Refresher
2/2/2021 Driver's Education
2/3/2021 Driver's Education
2/3/2021AEMT Original
2/5/2021Basic Life Support
2/8/2021Google IT Network Support
2/9/2021 Intro to Hospitality
2/15/2021Drone Operator Training
2/22/2021Supply Chain Management
2/22/2021 ServSafe Manager
3/1/2021 Medical Billing Program
3/13/2021Basic Life Support
3/22/2021 ServSafe Foodhandler
4/5/2021 ServSafe Manager
4/12/2021 TIPs Training
4/13/2021 Notary
4/19/2021 ServSafe Foodhandler
5/3/2021Drone Operator Training
5/15/2021Basic Life Support
5/17/2021 ServSafe Foodhandler
5/24/2021 ServSafe Manager
6/14/2021Basic Life Support ReCert
6/14/2021Basic EMT – Refresher
6/23/2021Basic Life Support
6/26/2021Basic Life Support
7/14/2021Basic Life Support
7/15/2021Basic Life Support
7/20/2021Basic Life Support
7/22/2021Basic Life Support
7/28/2021Basic Life Support
7/31/2021Basic Life Support
8/2/2021 ServSafe Manager
8/9/2021Basic Life Support Recert
8/9/2021 ServSafe Foodhandler
8/9/2021Basic EMT – Refresher
8/11/2021Basic Life Support
8/12/2021Basic Life Support
8/14/2021Basic Life Support
8/18/2021Basic Life Support
8/20/2021Basic Life Support
8/21/2021Basic Life Support
8/24/2021Basic Life Support
8/25/2021Basic Life Support
TBA (Winter 2021)Security Guard Training
TBA (Spring 2021)Paramedic Re-certification


ProTrain logoProTrain, a virtual educational company in partnership with Niagara County Community College offers both on-line and physical classes: Medical, Information Technology, Business, Human Resources, Management, Project Management, Leadership, Paralegal, Help Desk, Customer Service, Green, Trades: ASE, HVAC and more. Contact Niagara County Community College at 800-371-2963 for more information or visit to get your questions answered by a Training Assessment Manager. We look forward to serving you as one of our students.

For more information about any of our offerings, please contact:

Workforce Development
Phone: 716-614-6236
Location: A-231