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Customers are becoming increasingly demanding relative to the products and services that they procure to meet their requirements. As a result, companies must consistently deliver products and services that are of greater value to their customers. Many companies pursue either Lean or Six Sigma as a means to meet these challenges. Individually, Lean and Six Sigma are both focused on continuous improvement. However, deploying the complementary toolsets in an integrated fashion can be far more powerful than using each individually.

Six Sigma focuses on determining root causes to solve a problem by minimizing variation to reduce scrap rates and defects. Six Sigma focuses on measurement systems as well as improving process capability or quality, but it doesn’t optimize process flow. Lean doesn’t dramatically improve a process or product capabilities, but it does help reduce cycle times, eliminate wastes, and other process costs. The true power of utilizing both methodologies, Lean and Six Sigma, so that they are applied in an integrated approach to sustaining the realized improvements, allows for a continuous improvement culture to prevail across your enterprise. Companies can expect to see “optimized” process improvement with more bottom-line impact by focusing on the use of statistical tools to establish ever-increasing performance and quality improvement level standards.

Our approach to this training curriculum and associated certification program combines the power of both Lean and Six Sigma to achieve process improvement optimization. Speed, quality, and cost are the components that drive the success of any organization in meeting the demands of their customers. Lean Six Sigma works on all three simultaneously because it blends Lean, with its primary focus on optimum process flow, and Six Sigma, with its primary focus on managing variation to optimize process quality, within a proven organizational framework to achieve superior execution of the process improvement effort.

Participants will also learn how Lean and Six Sigma tools complement each other to reach this optimized improvement level. Tools applicable to each process discipline and their associated best practices will be demonstrated on their continuous improvement projects, as part of each Lean Six Sigma candidate’s certification requirements.

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