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Workforce Development

Motorcycle Training Programs

SUNY Niagara is proud to partner with the Motorcycle Safety School to provide outstanding motorcycle/scooter training and licensing courses for all experience levels.  Classes are held on the SUNY Niagara campus.

To register please visit, or call 716-542-3808.

Beginner Riders

Ultimate Training Package

This discounted package allows a student who has never ridden a motorcycle or scooter to learn all the skills necessary to safely ride at an advanced level. The package includes three courses: the MSF Introductory Experience, the MSF Basic Rider Course, and the MSF Basic Rider Course 2.

MSF Introductory Motorcycle Experience

This 2-hour course includes classroom and practical training to either prepare for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Basic Rider Course or to see if motorcycling is for you. *Use code, “SUNY Niagara.student” for a 50% discount off of this course!

Private Lessons

Enjoy personalized instruction in a one-on-one setting. Lessons move at your pace so that you can safely practice slow-speed maneuvers.

MSF Basic Rider Course

This course is the fast track to learning how to ride and be licensed! Upon successful completion of this 18-hour course, you will receive a DMV Road Test Waiver.

Experienced Riders

MSF Basic RiderCourse 2-License Waiver

This 9-hour course is designed for experienced riders to become licensed. After successfully completing this course, you will receive a DMV Road Test Waiver.

MSF Basic RiderCourse 2

This 5-hour course allows experienced riders to refresh and fine-tune their safety skills on their own motorcycle or one of ours.


Motorcycle Safety School
Phone: 716-542-3808