b'Strong Choice for Chief Diversityand Equity Officer at NCCCIn August 2020, Associate Professor John D Strong was appointed as the new Chief Diversity and Equity Officer. Strong has been at the College for over 15 years, working as an Associate Professor in Health and Physical Education and serving as the Personal Trainer Certificate Coordinator. He holds a Master of Science degree from Walden University and a Bachelor of Science Degree from Canisius College.Strong now leads the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee that was formed in September of 2016.Along with committee members, Strong is working to increase support for social justice and equity in developing curricula, programs, events, services, policies, and procedures on campus. During the 2020-2021 academic year, Strong and the committee engaged in campus-wide outreach. Some of the highlights include: Creating and executing an EDI Action Plan. Hosting Diverse Dialogues which welcomed students, employees, and the community to have conversations about inclusivity at NCCC. Incorporating monthly cultural celebrations into Student Life activities.Developing and/or identifying nearly 20 academic courses with an EDI lens. Evaluating recruitment and outreach practices to sustain diversity in the hiring process, student recruitment, and external partnerships. Creating a comprehensive webpage showcasing initiatives that the campus community can get involved with, including events, lectures and discussions with other college campuses, cultural clubs, and resources for employees and students.To learn more or get involved, please visit:www.niagaracc.suny.edu/edi. 24 NIAGARA COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE'