b'Year in ReviewDParticipants in Men of Merit programC EC.Niagara Falls Culinary Institute D.NCCC Small Business on Tour Development Center Receives Chefs from NFCI performed Fire on Ice demonstrationsImpact Awardthroughout the state at many BOCES sites. ThisThe Small Business Development Center interactive demo showed high school students how to(SBDC) on the Sanborn campus was selected make ice cream using liquid nitrogen and bananas fosteras the recipient of the Niagara USA Chamber using flame. Other demonstrations included pumpkinof Commerces 2020 Impact Niagara Award. pie, gelling, and carrot risotto. Our chefs and recruitersIt was presented to the SBDC during a special traveled from the southern tier beyond Syracuse toevent hosted by the Niagara USA Chamber showcase our award-winning faculty and qualityof Commerce and M&T Bank. Between March programs.2020 and January 2021, our SBDC assisted over 370 clients with 74 receiving disaster funding E.Men of Merit totaling over $16.6 million, and saving or The Men of Merit program is coordinated by Will Brinson,creating 1,609 jobs.Coordinator of Multicultural Services. It is a mentorship-mentee program, linking community leaders with students. Traditionally, Men of Merit was created to support black, male students, however NCCCs program is open to all races, cultures, and genders. Last year, Men of Merit hosted leadership luncheons, discussions, and even a fishing excursion.2020-2021 Annual Report 27'