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Academic Center for Excellence

ACE Policies

Center Check-in & Check-out Policies

  • The Academic Center for Excellence is for currently enrolled SUNY Niagara & NFCI students; a valid SUNY Niagara email will need to be input to our check-in system in order to access the space and our services. If a student does not enter their SUNY Niagara email address correctly, the system will not log the student’s check-in and/or checkout times. It is the student’s responsibility to enter their T-Wolves email address correctly.
  • In order to accrue time in ACE, students MUST REMAIN IN THE CENTER from check-in to checkout; time spent in the Library, or anywhere else on campus, will not be credited. If an ACE employee witnesses a student log in and promptly exit the space, the student will be logged out immediately.
  • If a student checks in but does not check out of ACE by the end of the business day, we will log the student out of the center (at the end of the day) attributing only 60 minutes of total time logged.
  • The Academic Center for Excellence provides free tutoring students for currently enrolled SUNY Niagara students. Scheduled appointments for tutoring services are preferred; however, we will do our best to accommodate walk-in appointments.


Tutoring Policies

  • Students may sign-up for a maximum 1 hour of tutoring per day, per content area. If a tutor does not have a scheduled appointment following your time together, you may continue working together at the tutor’s discretion.
  • If a student cannot attend a tutoring session, it is the student’s responsibility to cancel the appointment at least one hour before the scheduled start time. Appointments can be canceled by logging into your PENJI account, calling ACE at 716-614-6724 (if you are not in contact with someone, please leave a voicemail with the details of your appointment), or emailing us at Continuous no-call/no-show appointments will result in an inability to schedule future appointments.
  • ACE tutors, coaches, and staff members are strictly prohibited from providing students with personal information such as telephone numbers, private email addresses, etc. Tutors are strictly prohibited from soliciting students for payment or advertising their services for private tutoring outside the campus environment. This includes but is not limited to distributing flyers, posting advertisements, or engaging in verbal solicitations for tutoring services beyond the scope of the institution’s designated tutoring programs. Tutors are prohibited from accepting any form of gifts, monetary or otherwise, from students availing themselves of tutoring services. This prohibition extends to any items, favors, or services offered by students in exchange for tutoring assistance.
  • Should any SUNY Niagara student have technical difficulties during their scheduled online tutoring appointment, the coach/tutor will attempt to troubleshoot with the student as best as possible utilizing only the ZOOM video conferencing software and SUNY Niagara email. If students are unable to connect with the tutor/coach during the scheduled tutoring time, the student may make another appointment to meet at a later time in the day/week.


Student Tutoring Terms of Agreement

By using tutoring services at SUNY Niagara, you are agreeing to the terms below. Please carefully read each statement.

  1. I understand that the purpose of tutoring is to receive clarification and supplemental assistance with course material. The role of a tutor is to help me develop more effective learning and study strategies for me to become a more self-sufficient, independent learner to master the course material on my own. I am solely responsible for my learning and academic performance.
  2. I understand that tutors are not course instructors and are not responsible for teaching the course material. My tutor may have learned the material differently or completed the course with a different instructor; this may affect their ability to assist me. I am responsible for seeking clarification from the course instructor if I am uncertain of course requirements, expectations, or policies. I understand that if I am not regularly attending and/or participating in my class(es) then I am not eligible to receive tutoring services. If I am not regularly attending class and/or participating, ACE has the ability to cancel and/or deny tutoring services. Under no circumstances should I be attending tutoring sessions in place of class time.
  3. I understand that it is my responsibility to attend tutoring sessions prepared and on time.
    • Being prepared for a tutoring session means having specific questions or concepts for      which clarification is needed, and bringing any necessary supplies (such as notes, books, etc.).  Between tutoring appointments, a student must show attempted progress on a given   assignment in order to be eligible for the next tutoring appointment.
    • Being on time for a tutoring session means arriving at the Center and checking in by    my designated appointment time. If I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment, I must provide the Center’s staff with at least 1 hour of notice. I will be marked as a “No-          show” if I am not present within the first 10 minutes of my appointment and/or if I fail to       attend my tutoring session without first notifying ACE staff. After three “No-Show” incidents or excessive cancellations, I may not be permitted to schedule any future   tutoring appointments for the semester.
  4. I understand that I am expected to exhibit appropriate behavior during my tutoring session which includes actively participating in a session (in-person and/or virtually), and conducting myself according to the Student Code of Conduct (this includes, but is not limited to any behaviors that disrupt the overall mission of the center). I understand that if I fail to exhibit appropriate behavior, my appointment may be ended early and I may be asked to leave the Center. Attending a virtual tutoring appointment while operating a motor vehicle is a safety issue and strictly prohibited.
  5. I understand that it is my responsibility to be academically honest. Following the College’s Academic Integrity policy, the Academic Center for Excellence strictly prohibits those who utilize its services from engaging in any forms of academic dishonesty.
  6. I understand that tutors are not permitted to complete any type of assignment for me, directly provide me with answers to an assignment, assist me with a graded assignment (such as take-home exams, projects, lab reports, etc.), or evaluate (“grade”) my assignment.
  7. If I am not academically honest while using tutoring services, it could result in my course instructor/academic department being notified, a loss of tutoring privileges, or a    referral to the Vice President of Student Services for disciplinary action.

I agree to follow all SUNY Niagara and Academic Center for Excellence policies. I understand that failure to abide by College or Center policies and procedures could result in a loss of center and tutoring privileges. If I have any questions on these policies, I understand it is my responsibility to seek clarification from the ACE staff.

We hope that you benefit as well as enjoy your sessions at the Academic Center for Excellence. Use both your own and your tutor’s time wisely. We appreciate your cooperation in carrying out your responsibilities and wish you much success in your academic endeavors here at SUNY Niagara.

How to Make a Tutoring Appointment

Would you like to schedule a one-on-one tutoring appointment?

Click on the link above to learn how or click on the “Make an Appointment” button to sign-up.

How to Cancel a Tutoring Appointment

Are you unable to attend your tutoring session?

Click on the link above to learn how to cancel your tutoring appointment.

Become a Student Tutor: Apply Online

Are you interested in helping others?

Apply to become a Student Tutor by clicking the link above. Student Tutors must meet minimum qualifications and be recommended by an instructor. Student Tutors can either volunteer their time or be paid an hourly wage.

Faculty Recommendation Form

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Learn More About Our Online Tutoring Program: STAR-NY


Academic Center for Excellence
Phone: 716-614-6724
Location: D-201 (within the Lewis Library)