Online Learning

NCCC offers a variety of flexible learning options including online, hybrid, and blended courses. We also offer online programs and certificates.

Online Learning

NCCC offers a variety of instructional methods to meet your degree requirements!


Traditional in-person classroom courses

100% online

Flexible and convenient learning, on your schedule


Courses that combine face-to-face instruction and online coursework


Courses that combine live synchronous zoom class and online coursework

Learn more about each of these instructional methods offered by NCCC here.

Online, Hybrid and Blended courses give you the opportunity to gain knowledge using current technology with flexible scheduling and learning environment. To see if you are ready for online learning, go through this short Online Readiness Checklist. If you are considering enrolling in an online degree or certificate, we highly recommend you go through the Open SUNY readiness guide.

Technology Requirements

You are required to have access to a broadband connection and a desktop or laptop computer/MAC, using a tablet or other mobile device may not have the functionality required for the course. You can use the Blackboard Learn Mobile App to complete some of your coursework, however, in most cases, the app does not provide the full functionality needed to complete ALL of your required coursework.

In addition, check with your professor to make sure your available equipment is acceptable for each course you are taking. Some technology-related courses require the ability to download software, for example, Chromebooks do not allow software to be downloaded.

**Technology for Blended Courses – In addition to any technical requirements listed above, blended courses use Real-Time Technology, which means you will be required to log into a web conferencing tool like Zoom to participate in the live “synchronous” virtual lectures.  To participate in the live lectures, you will need access to a webcam or built-in laptop camera and microphone. In most cases, you can download the Zoom app and participate using your tablet or smartphone.   Your instructor will provide you details on which web conferencing tool will be used for your blended course.

Zoom Help Center

Make sure you are using a supported browser by visiting the Open SUNY help desk to check your browser compatibility.

For more information about technology requirements and the use of mobile devices, visit this page.


In online courses, you can attend class from anywhere as long as you have access to a desktop or laptop computer/MAC with a broadband connection. Attendance in an online course is tracked by your course work submissions, including discussion postings. Logging in to the course does not count for attendance.  Most online courses will require your participation three to four times per week. You can access your course 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Although you can work at your own pace and choose when to “attend” class, each online course has a definite timeline and weekly deadlines. In addition, some online courses may require a proctored exam and some may require the use of a lock-down test monitoring software called Respondus. You will be notified by your instructor if this technology is being used in your course.

Hybrid and Blended courses combine face-to-face or synchronous “live virtual sessions” along with online instruction.  Attendance is required for the face-to-face or live virtual sessions along with submissions of course work required in the online portion. Check your schedule in Banner Web for course days/times.  Each instructor will email you prior to the course start date with additional getting started information, web conferencing log in information, course work requirements, and more.

For more information and answers to your questions, view our FAQ section.


Online Learning
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