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Our searchable college directory will help you locate contact information about our faculty and staff members.

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Searchable Directory

Frequently Used Contacts

3111 Saunders Settlement Rd. | Sanborn, NY 14132 | 716-614-6222

To dial an extension below, use the following: 716-614-XXXX

Dept. and/or DivisionPhone
Academic Affairsx6450
Alumni Associationx5910
Arts, Humanities & Social Sciencesx6710 and x6460
Online Learningx6798
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)x5977
Emergency Contacts
Evening Collegex6790 and x6856
Financial Aidx6266
Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts210-2540
Human Resourcesx5950
SUNY Niagara Foundation, Inc.x5910
Office of Information Technology (OIT)x6730
Niagara Falls Culinary Institute210-2525
Nursing and Allied Healthx5940
Public Relations and Event Managementx6225
Public Safetyx6400
Registration & Recordsx6250 (Records)
x6254 (Registration)
Business & STEMx6410
Student Lifex6255
Student Success Centerx6290
Workforce Developmentx6236

Full Directory Listing

RoomNamePhoneDept. and/or Division
D-217Academic Center for Excellencex6724
G-146Credit Union (Alliance Niagara FCU)x6445
A-161Faculty Associationx6283
A-241Academic Affairsx6450Academic Affairs
A-231Academic Help Linex6236Academic Affairs
E-238 and B-138Arts, Humanities & Social Sciencesx6710 and x6460Academic Affairs
F-153Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences PT Art Facultyx5978Academic Affairs
B-209Business & STEM PT Business Facultyx6455Academic Affairs
F-120Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences PT Music Facultyx6479Academic Affairs
F-136Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences PT Speech Facultyx6477Academic Affairs
F-153Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences PT Theatre Facultyx5978Academic Affairs
A-241College Acceleration Program (CAP)x6450Academic Affairs
A-241Credit for Prior Learningx6450Academic Affairs
C-260Eng./Technology/Chemistry PTx6425Academic Affairs
C-285Engineeringx6850Academic Affairs
F-153Fine Artsx5960Academic Affairs
A-231GED Prepx6450Academic Affairs
NFCIHospitality, Baking & Culinary Arts210-2540Hospitality, Baking & Culinary Arts
CI-147Hospitality, Baking & Culinary Arts PT Facultyx2566Hospitality, Baking & Culinary Arts
E-238Humanitiesx6710Academic Affairs
E-245Humanities PT Facultyx6750Academic Affairs
B-138Nursing Educationx5940Nursing, Physical & Allied Health
C-141Nursing Labx5945Nursing, Physical & Allied Health
B-138Nursing PT Facultyx5940Nursing, Physical & Allied Health
D-106AOnline Learningx6798Academic Affairs
C-285Physicsx6850Academic Affairs
C-244Science and Technologyx6410Academic Affairs
C-260Science and Technology PT Facultyx6425Academic Affairs
H-167Business & STEMx6770Academic Affairs
E-243Social Sciences PT Facultyx6750Academic Affairs
D-217Tutoringx6724Academic Center for Excellence
A-206Business Servicesx6438Administrative Operations
A-10524-Credit Hour GED Programx6200Admissions
A-105International Studentsx6200Admissions
A-105LPN Programx6200Admissions
A-105Multicultural Support Servicesx6258Admissions/Student Services
H-167Athletic Departmentx6270Athletics
H-139Athletic Trainerx6242Athletics
H-116Fitness Centerx6746Athletics
H-129Men's Coachesx6778Athletics
E-246Planning Officex6720Athletics
H-129Sports Informationx6777Athletics
H-167Women's Coachx6777Athletics
H-140Intramural Recreationx6775Athletics/Student Services
A-206Accounting Officex6433Business Services
A-206Accounts Payablex6434Business Services
A-105Accounts Payablex6434Business Services
A-205Cashierx6443Business Services/Administrative Operations
A-206Inventoryx6439Business Services/Administrative Operations
A-214Payrollx6440Business Services/Administrative Operations
A-206Purchasingx6438Business Services/Administrative Operations
A-205Student Finance (Cashier's Office)x6260Business Services/Administrative Operations
D-101Art Galleryx5975Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
F-157Backstage-Fine Artsx4141Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
F-153Box Officex5970Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
C-285Chemistryx6850Business, Technology and the Arts
C-285Computer Sciencex6850Business, Technology and the Arts
D-106Digital Media Labx5979Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
F-121Mac Labx6876Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
C-260Math/Physics & Comp. Info. Sci. PT Facultyx6425Business, Technology and the Arts
C-285Math/Physics & Computer Info. Sciencex6850Business, Technology and the Arts
C-285Physical Therapist Assistantx5912Nursing, Physical & Allied Health
F-153Theatre Artsx5968Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
A-167Accessibility Services (Disability Services)x6285Career & Transitional Services
G-244Career Servicesx6292Career & Transitional Services
G-244Internships/Study Abroad/Disneyx6292Career & Transitional Services
G-244Student Employmentx6292Career & Transitional Services
A-167Testing Centerx6728Career & Transitional Services
G-244Transfer & Dual Admissionsx6292Career & Transitional Services
G-146Mailroomx5915Central Services
G-159Shipping & Receivingx5916Central Services/Operations
G-109Bookstorex6840College Association
G-145Bowling Alleyx4089College Association
A-269College Associationx6844College Association
G-128Food Servicex5986College Association
A-231Driver Trainingx6236Continuing Education and Workforce Development
A-231EMS Programx6236Continuing Education and Workforce Development
A-231Workforce Developmentx6236Continuing Education and Workforce Development
A-264Affirmative Actionx5950Equity & Diversity
G-153Maintenancex5992Facilities & Safety/Operations
B-103Veteran Servicesx6873Financial Aid
A-114Work Study Placementx6266Financial Aid
Snack Barx4087Food Service/College Association
A-235Grants Officex5927Grants
B-109Alpha Beta Gammax6461
A-261Personnelx5950Human Resources/President's Complex
E-238Criminal Justicex6750Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
E-238Human Servicesx6750Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
A-246Institutional Researchx5925Institutional Research
D-200Circulation Deskx6783Library
D-106 SuiteFaculty Resource Centerx4075Library
D-301Library Officex6780Library
D-200Library Public Servicex6705Library
D-200Library Reference Deskx6786Library
D-134AV Equipment Loanx6404Library Learning Center
G-165Boiler Roomx5994Maintenance
A-264Alumni Associationx5910SUNY Niagara Foundation, Inc.
A-264Foundationx5910SUNY Niagara Foundation, Inc.
CA-113Massage Programx6851Nursing, Physical & Allied Health
C-244Medical Assistantx6411Nursing, Physical & Allied Health
E-126Phi Theta Kappax6758
C-149Phlebotomyx4842Nursing, Physical & Allied Health
C-211Radiologic Technologyx6416Nursing, Physical & Allied Health
C-246Surgical Technologyx6417Nursing, Physical & Allied Health
A-131Help Deskx6730Office of Information Technology Services
A-131Office of Information Technology Servicesx6730Office of Information Technology Services
Voice Mail Systemx6800Office of Information Technology Services
D-106DBlackboard Learnx6488Online Learning
G-106Public Safetyx6400Operations
A-214Verification of Employmentx6440Payroll/Business Services
A-261Human Resourcesx5950President's Complex
A-272President's Complexx5905President's Complex
G-159bPrint Shopx5919Public Relations and Event Management
D-107TV Productionx6794Public Relations and Event Management
G-106Lost & Foundx6400Public Safety
D-309Technical Servicesx6404S/B Henrietta G. Lewis Library
C-251Animal Managementx6424Business & STEM
C-249Horticulturex6423Business & STEM
H-142aEquipment Issuex6775Business & STEM/Academic Affairs
CA-117Small Business Development Center (SBDC)210-2515Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
D-103Preschoolx6245Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
G-243Community Servicex6255Student Life
F-131Spirit Officex6259Student Life
G-243Student Governmentx4131Student Life
G-243Student Senator/Trusteex4091Student Life
D-102Advisement Servicesx6290Student Success Center
A-172Computer Labx4110Student Success Center
A-105Admissionsx6200Student Services
A-105Admissions Deskx4080Student Services
D-102Child Development Centerx6245Student Services
A-161Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)X5977Student Services
A-114Financial Aidx6266Student Services
A-105Registrarx6250Student Services
A-105Enrollment Centerx6250Student Services
G-243Student Life (Activities)x6255Student Services
D-102Student Success Centerx6290Student Services
A-201Student Services (V.P. for Student Services)x6240Student Services
C-122Wellness Center (Clinic, Counseling)x6275Student Services