b'AcademicsThe goal is that through a host of discussions, programming, multicultural activities, and guest speakers, we will attain and spread a certain level of respect for cultural diversity, peaceful coexistence, and inclusivity.- William BrinsonCoordinator or Multicultural ServicesCultivating Diversity in the the way through their graduation. Classroom and the Workplace Brinson applies his passion for diversity and students Will Brinson has become a popular name across campus.to his work as the Advisor to the Black Student Union Hes known for guiding students, actively working onwhich, according to Brinson, Serves as a conduit of college committees, and representing NCCC acrosscommunication amongst diverse minded students Western New Yorks education arena.Brinson currentlyand diverse minded institutional employees. The goal serves as the Coordinator for Multicultural Studentis that through a host of discussions, programming, Support Services at NCCC. He has been with the Collegemulticultural activities, and guest speakers, we will attain since 2007.and spread a certain level of respect for cultural diversity, peaceful coexistence, and inclusivity.On campus, Brinson is doing important work like mentoring students, leading the Black Student Union asFurthermore, Brinson, along with the NCCC Liberty their advisor, and serving as a committee member for thePartnership Program, has been vital in developing Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Out in the field, Brinsonexcitement about college in children as young as 11 years works on committees with several schools to developold. He has helped generate interest for Niagara Street partnerships between NCCC and graduating seniors. HeSchools children to attend college in the future and is proud of the work he has done with the Buffalo Publicreinvigorate immediate plans for their parents to return Schools Career and Technical Education (CTE) Division,to college or workforce development classes at NCCC. Saint Joseph Collegiate Institute, Niagara Street School,When asked what his favorite part of his job is, Brinson and the Native American SUNY: Western Consortium. Hesresponded, I love it all. In particular, the students. He also proud of his position as Chair of the Western Newbelieves NCCC is the smart place to start because of the York Coalition of Multicultural and Minority Offices inprice, location, academic programs, class sizes, andHigher Education. His connections, research, networking,me, he humorously adds. Hes correct, though. The Will programming, and cultivated partnerships have openedBrinson household name is central to many students and the door for talented people from diverse backgrounds tosynonymous with their love of NCCC. He continues to be enroll as students at NCCC. His consistent leadership hasa connector, educator, and role model within our region, also assisted students from their first semester in college allbut especially within our tightly knit college community.8 NIAGARA COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE'