b'Alexander Dispence 13Arlene Jerge 81 Alexander Dispence competed in the 2020 WNY Chapter ofArlene Jerge achieved her 10-year milestone as Resident Care the NYS Restaurant Associations Taste of Education Iron ChefCoordinator at The McGuire Groups Garden Gate Health Care Competition. Alex graduated from NCCC in 2013 with his degreeFacility. Arlene graduated from NCCC in 1981 with her degreein Culinary Arts. in Nursing. Rashinika Vails 13Roberta Davis Deutsch 80 Rashinika Vails graduated from NCCC in 2013 with her degreeRoberta has been working for over 40-years in the nursingin Medical Assistance. Since graduating, she has gone on toindustry and is currently an Associate Professor at Austinobtain her Bachelors in Health Information Management fromCommunity College. She graduated from NCCC in 1980 withMedaille College.her degree in Nursing. She continues to thank NCCC forAutumn Evans 11providing her with the foundation she needed to becomea successful nurse. Autumn Evans joined Jack W. Hunt & Associates, Inc. as aStenographer. Autumn graduated from NCCC in 2011 with Duane Duke Richardson 78 her degree in LA&S: Humanities & Social Sciences.Duane Duke Richardson was inducted into CanisiusJordan Alejandro 06Colleges Sports Hall of Fame for basketball. He is theonly player in Canisius school history to dish out moreJordan Alejandro joined the Road Patrol Division of the than 200 assists in a single game and still holds the recordsGenesee County Sheriffs Office. Deputy Alejandro graduatedfor career assists per game average and single season. from NCCC in 2006 with his degree in LA&S: Humanities &Social Sciences.Patricia Evans 77 Kathleen McDonald 02, 11 Patricia Evans was named one of Lockport High Schools 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award recipients. Patricia graduatedKathleen McDonald is currently working as a Teachers Assistantfrom NCCC in 1977 with her degree in LA&S: Humanities &at St. Marys School for the Deaf. She graduated from NCCC inSocial Science. She was also the recipient of the NCCC2002 with her degree in Computer Information Systems andDistinguished Alumni Award in 1994. again in 2011 with her degree in Digital Media. Her fondest memory of NCCC is with Gladys Flint who helped her a lotLawrence Larry Schiro 72 during her English course to become a better writer.Larry is currently a retired chemistry teacher from Williamsville Criste Staples 00Central Schools. He graduated from NCCC in 1972 with his degree in LA&S: Mathematics and Science. His fondest memory of an Criste Staples was elected Treasurer of the Board of Directors extracurricular activity at NCCC is playing on the 1971 baseball of the Buffalo & Erie County Chapter of the NAMI (National team. He appreciates all of the academic opportunities that Alliance on Mental Illness). Criste is a Supervisor in the firmsNCCC provided him which has led to success in his career. Tax Advisory Group. She graduated from NCCC in 2000 withher degree in Business Administration with a concentration Mike LaFever 70 in Accounting. Mike LaFever was recognized in Buffalo Business FirstsAmy Vanone 99Influential People of 2020 Power 250. Mike is a NCCCDistinguished Alumni Award recipient and current AlumniAmy Vanone joined Mount St. Marys Hospital as Manager Committee member. He graduated from NCCC in 1970 withof Perioperative Services. Amy graduated Summa Cum Laude his degree in LA&S: Humanities & Social Science.from NCCC in 1999 with her degree in Nursing. Jackie Walker 98 Jackie Walker was recognized with the 2019 Nurse of Distinction Award from Our Lady of Peace. Jackie graduated from NCCC in 1998 with her degree in Nursing. Wed love to hear from you! Elizabeth Pauly 85 Share updates about your career, retirement, marriage, children, or any of your accomplishments with your former classmates Elizabeth Pauly teaches individuals and seniors step-and campus community. Sharing your news is easy with our by-step how to become tech-savvy and see the benefits online form! of new technology with her company Beth the Tech Tutor. niagaracc.suny.edu/alumni/updateinfoElizabeth graduated from NCCC in 1985 with her degreein Data Processing. 2019-2020 Connections Magazine3'