b'All in theFamilyDan Jackson 99I am so thankful for the start to my education that NCCC offered because it provided me with a well-rounded experience that transferred to the work force.Niagara County Community College holds a special placeWhile at Niagara University, Dan attended a job fair and met in my heart, said alumnus Dan Jackson. My plan after Ian individual who was hiring an entry-level sales position graduated from high school was to enlist in the US Coastfor what is now WIVB/WNLO. I was fortunate enough to Guard even though I was born and raised in Canada. Mybe hired, said Dan. I was given a desk, a phonebook, and mom lived in Niagara Falls, NY which allowed me to becomea phone and told to start cold calling! At that time, I had no a dual-citizen at a young age. Unfortunately, I wasnt ableidea that this would lead to a lifelong career. However, I to join the military due to a medical condition. I felt lost. Mywas and still am so thankful for the start of my education future plans had completely changed and I no longer knewthat NCCC offered because it provided me with such a what to do. well-rounded experience that transferred to the workforce. Without a clear path, Dan decided to enroll at NiagaraCounty Community College for Liberal Arts. I wanted to attend a school that provided me with options. NCCC not only gave me the opportunity to explore a variety of courses but was also a smart financial decision. Since I wasnt from the area, NCCC was also an intimate school that allowed me to get involved and make friends quickly. Some of my best friends to this day are from NCCC.While attending NCCC, Dan joined the Golf Club for 2-years. In 1999, he graduated with his Associates Degree in Liberal Arts: Humanities & Social Science. I cant point to just one professor, class, or employee specifically that impactedme the most because my entire NCCC experience was so positive, he said. Dan continued his education at Buffalo State College, where he earned his Bachelors Degree inBusiness Administration. He was working towards his Dan volunteering for the NCCC 5K Run/Walk with fellow Masters Degree at Niagara University but began his NCCC Alumni Committee Chair Marty Drake 75 (left) and career before completing it.member Sal Messina 73 (right).'