b'Year in ReviewA discussion about progressive waysKeith Boykin speaks in NCCC Arts & Media Theatreto create anand moderates group discussions equal countryKeith Boykin Visits NCCCIn September 2019, NCCC had the honor of hosting CNNopened his talk up to a Q & A session where students political commentator and New York Times best-sellingasked poignant questions about overcoming systemic author, Keith Boykin, as a guest speaker. His resume alsoracism and prejudice which led to a discussion about includes teaching at the Institute for Research in African- progressive ways to create an equal country. American Studies at Columbia University. He is the co- Following his official event, Boykin was kind enough founder and first board president of the National Blackto visit Professor Michele Hamiltons Disabilities Birth Justice Coalition and Boykin is a former White House aideto Adolescents class. He led a workshop with students to President Bill Clinton. where they engaged in activities about opening up to An event coordinated by the Diversity and Inclusionpeople they do not know and actively listening to one committee, Boykin drew in students, faculty, and theanother.public to NCCCs Arts & Media Theatre, where audienceCommittee Chair, Jonathon Bellomo states, Mr. members listened to Boykin present about theBoykins visit to our campus to not only educate our importance of inclusiveness in higher education, thecampus community on diversity and inclusiveness but workplace and society in general. He intertwined his ownto interact and engage with our students, faculty and stories from growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, to workingstaff was a valuable experience that will have a positive in public service and eventually becoming a public figurelasting impact. Bellomo added that the 2020-21 on BET and CNN networks.Diversity and Inclusion Committee plans are underway Boykin spoke about his personal account as a gay, blackas members are working on creating a powerful yet man and the inequities he has faced. Connecting withsafe action plan for students and employees. Look for students over the same challenging experiences, Boykinupcoming events on the NCCC website. 16 NIAGARA COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE'