b'WelcomeWelcome from the NCCC Board of TrusteesA B C DE F G H I JBoard of TrusteesBoard of Trustees NYCCT AwardsNCCC is governed under policies establishedOn September 21, 2019 three members of the NCCC Board of by its Board of Trustees. All trustees are areaTrustees attended the New York Community College Trustees residents, with a student trustee elected65th annual conference in Saratoga.Chairman William L. annually by the student body. Ross received the Donald M. Mawhinney Jr. Award for Trustee A. William Ross, ChairmanLeadership, Secretary Bonnie R. Sloma and Financial Secretary B. Jason Cafarella, Vice ChairmanGina I. Virtuoso both received the Marvin A. Rapp Award for C. Bonnie Sloma, SecretaryDistinguished Trustee Service.D. Gina Virtuoso, Financial Secretary E. Katherine Alexander F. Kevin Clark G. Vincent Sandonato H. Sheila Smith I. Jerald Wolfgang J. Eric Lipps, Student Trustee Chairman William L. Ross Trustees Bonnie Sloma and Gina Virtuoso2 NIAGARA COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE'