b'Mount St. Marys healthcare heroes receive cookies from the Class of 2020Cookies to First Responders Food Donation toCOVID-19With the help of the Niagara County SheriffsCommunity MissionsDepartment and Tops Markets, the Class ofin Niagara Falls2020 presented 18,000 cookies in an effort to recognize the efforts of essential employees atAs students and faculty were unable to return local hospitals, nursing homes, firehouses, EMTto NFCI for in-person instruction in the spring, services, the Niagara County Health DepartmentDave Slowik, an essential operations employee and police stations in Niagara County.Thein the building suggested that all perishable offering was one sweet gesture to thankfood items in the culinary labs could be local heroes for all of their dedication to thedonated to Community Missions of Niagara community during the pandemic.Frontier, Inc.This organization provides crisis and community services, mental health housing services, mental health recovers services, and youth services to area individuals in need.Fresh produce, eggs, and dairy items from the coolers were loaded into a truck by Slowik and other NFCI employees Derrick Hilson and Dave Huntoon.The ongoing relationship between NFCI and Community Missions is mutually beneficial, with students and staff seeing firsthand how their culinary skills and the donation of time and resources Dave Slowik sorts donationscan help others, says Josh Blumberg, Vice for Community Missions President of Academic Affairs at NFCI.2019-2020 Annual Report27'