b'Whats Next? 20182020 Distinguished Student Scholarship (DSS) GraduatesWilliam BriggsPublic CommunicationFuture Plans: William will be continuing his education at Niagara University to earn his Bachelors Degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Theatre Studies. His goal is topursue a career in Public Relations.What the DSS Award Means to Him: To me, the DSS Scholarship was an amazing opportunity because it allowed me to focus on my education and passions rather than the financial strain of college. The Foundations work is essential to me and all students because it helps foster not only financially stable students, but also a wonderful group of well-rounded and passionate community members with a connection to NCCC that will last a lifetime.Hannah CraigMusicFuture Plans: Hannah looks forward to pursuing her career in music using the knowledgeand advice that her NCCC professors and fellow students have instilled in her. What the DSS Award Means to Her: I will always be immensely grateful to the Distinguished Student Scholarship because it afforded me the opportunity to meet my professors and fellow students who inspired me to pursue my dreams. It is because of my time at NCCC that I have become a more well-rounded person. The DSS Scholarship granted me the chance to gain a post-secondary education and grow as a human being. Madeline KeyesBusiness: Business AdministrationFuture Plans: Madeline will continue her education at Alfred State University to earn herBachelors Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Agriculture.After graduating, her goal is to take over the familys equine business. What the DSS Award Means to Her: I am forever thankful for the opportunities that the DSS Scholarship had given me. NCCC was the perfect place for me to start my college career and I truly enjoyed every moment of it. 8 NIAGARA COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE'