b'FinancialsGrants OverThe Grants Office managed over $3.6 million in grant$3.6 millionfunds during the most recently completed fiscal year. in grant fundsForty grant applications totaling $9.5 million in funding request were made in 2019-20. FunderFundingEmpire State Dev Corp: COVID-19 Disaster Relief Tech Assistance$50,000NSF/ATE - Mentor Connect - Welding Lab Upgrade$100,000NYSED Coordinated Collection Development Aid$8,065NYSED Liberty Partnerships Program$350,000 NYSED Perkins Title IV Career and Technical Education Act$369,547 NYSED - PTEC - Grant was submitted by N.F. High School as the LeadAgency - NCCC would receive $20,000 of $150,000$20,000 Niagara County Workforce Investment Opportunity Act$234,410 Oishei Foundation$100,000 Panera - Feeding America Day-End Dough-Nation programProduct Donations SUNY Child Care Block Grant$38,500 SUNY Child Care Operational Grant$70,000 SUNY Developmental English Community $10,000 SUNY Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)$73,500 SUNY Open Educational Resources Initiative$7,500 SUNY Strong Start to Finish - Tutors in Math and English$20,000 SUNY Workforce Development Training Grants$45,617 Target Success$3,000US Department of Education/SUNY:CARES Act I$1,799,455 US Department of Education/SUNY:CARES Act II $1,799,455US Department of Education/SUNY:CARES Act III $175,945US Department of Education - Trio Child Care Access Means Parents in School (CCAMPIS)$100,817 US Small Business Administration - NCCC Small Business Development CenterCARES Act$100,072 Verizon Media Community Benefit FundSmall Business Videography Marketing Initiative$20,000 Wilson, Ralph C. Jr. - Legacy Funds - Girl Power Volleyball$127,000 Wilson, Ralph C. Jr. - COVID - 19 Small Business Relief Fund Relief Initiative$36,300 WNY Womens Foundation - MOMs Scholarship Program$3,500 TOTAL$3,687,28328 NIAGARA COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE'