Morning Thunder- NCCC Podcast

Morning Thunder - NCCC Podcast

Morning Thunder

"Morning Thunder" is a podcast meant to keep our NCCC students informed; brought to you by the Academic Center for Excellence. If you have suggestions for future podcast topics, please email us at


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Podcast Descriptions

Episode 4 - Morning Thunder - Animal Management & "Tiger King"

Professor Aaron Cobaugh speaks to us about NCCC's Animal Management program and his thoughts on Netflix's documentary "Tiger King."

Episode 3 - Morning Thunder - Prepping for Finals

Sandra Lynn Lytle, Adjunct ACE & English Instructor, talks to us about preparing for finals and test-taking strategies, while Nursing student Amanda Saunders provides a student's perspective.

Episode 2 - Morning Thunder - Staying Safe & Well

Janelle Ventura, Mental Health Counselor from the Wellness Center, discusses student's concerns and techniques for managing feelings of anxiety during this pandemic.

Episode 1 - Morning Thunder - Making the Grade

Sabrina Faso, Admissions, discuss choosing S or U Grades and the impact of those choices on a student’s transferability, GPA, and financial aid.

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