Business, Technology and the Arts


Debbie Sorrentino
Program Coordinator
Location: B-213
Phone: 716-614-6855

Computer Science, A.S.


Computer Science is a tremendously broad field, but ultimately is about problem solving. Programming is a fundamental skill you'll learn, but computer scientists are much more than just "programmers". Computer science both studies computer processing as a subject, and utilizes the computer as a problem solving tool, in domains as diverse as business, medicine, national defense, scientific exploration and more. In fact, the entertainment field constantly pushes the envelope of computing hardware and processing advancements. From the behavior of subatomic particles to the anatomy of the human brain, computer scientists are searching for new ideas on how computers should be built and "taught."

The core of the program involves the study of computer programming, architecture, data structures, and mathematics (the language of problem solving). It is a rigorous program designed for students willing to tackle tough but exciting problems. Computer science career opportunities are amongst the fastest growing in industry.

Program Goals and Objectives

  • To prepare students for transfer to a four-year college or university. Dual admissions and articulation agreements ensure our graduates can successfully transfer and complete requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Information Science, or Management Information Systems.
  • To develop in students the ability to think critically, and to develop creative and systematic approaches to problem solving.
  • To develop confidence in working on a team in problem solving situations
  • To assist students in meeting the SUNY General Education Requirements for seamless transfer within the SUNY system.


There are exciting things happening in the computer science field, and NCCC's program is set to "take off". In addition to the core computer requirements, there are fascinating electives to round out your skillset and let you explore particular areas of interest. New opportunities are presenting themselves in the areas of animation, robotics, mobile app, and game development.

Our faculty are student-centered, and we'll be working closely with you throughout your program. You'll learn to work independently and in teams, to communicate effectively, to research solutions to unsolved problems. You'll rely on theoretical knowledge, intuition, creativity, and plain hard work.