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Business: Business Administration, A.A.S.

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Our homes, food, clothing, vehicles, and leisure activities are the products of the skill, dedication, and creativity of business professionals. Business people must be “world-class competitors” in order to maintain or improve the American standard of living. Graduates in this degree program may pursue business careers in marketing, human resource management, labor relations, production management, office administration, finance, insurance, etc. Graduates may also work in hospitals, government agencies, or schools.

The associate in applied science program is for students who:

  • Are unsure of their educational and/or career goals.
  • Want sufficient coursework to qualify for entry-level professional/managerial positions.
  • Are working and want to improve their opportunities for advancement.
  • Have a limited background in mathematics.
  • Are developing a background in mathematics prior to changing curriculum to the AS degree program.

This degree program offers transfer opportunities upon completion of all course work. Many graduates have transferred to Niagara University, Buffalo State College, and similar schools.

Program Goals and Objectives

To provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for entry-level careers in business-related positions.

Alumni Spotlight

Micah Scime ’20

“What I like most about this program is how applicable the information is. After learning something in the classroom, I can immediately apply it or relate it to my management internship. The program is very direct, and the knowledge gained from it can immediately be applied into the business world. SUNY Niagara truly is the ‘Smart Place to Start’. Its affordability and welcoming environment- along with the highly professional, caring and knowledgeable instructors to teach and guide you through each semester are just a few of many reasons that SUNY Niagara was the right choice for me. I plan on continuing my education at Buffalo State College and earn my bachelor’s degree. During that time, I will be continuing my management internship and preparing myself as much as possible to be able to grow in a leadership role.”

Micah Scime

Program Contact

David Nemi
Program Coordinator
Phone: 716-614-6464
Location: B-117
Division Office: 716-614-6410