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Computer Science, A.S.

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Computer Science is a tremendously broad field, but ultimately is about problem solving. Programming is a fundamental skill you’ll learn, but computer scientists are much more than just “programmers”. Computer science both studies computer processing as a subject, and utilizes the computer as a problem solving tool, in domains as diverse as business, medicine, national defense, scientific exploration and more. In fact, the entertainment field constantly pushes the envelope of computing hardware and processing advancements. From the behavior of subatomic particles to the anatomy of the human brain, computer scientists are searching for new ideas on how computers should be built and “taught.”

The core of the program involves the study of computer programming, architecture, data structures, and mathematics (the language of problem solving). It is a rigorous program designed for students willing to tackle tough but exciting problems. Computer science career opportunities are amongst the fastest growing in industry.

Program Student Learning Outcomes
  • Design, analyze and understand the relationship between digital components forming the building blocks of modern digital devices.
  • Design and implement efficient solutions utilizing appropriate algorithms and data structures.
  • Design, implement, test, and debug programs that employ fundamental programming constructs.
  • Utilize the three basic principles of object-oriented design: encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.
  • Work as a team member in a problem-solving situation.

Program Spotlight

The Computer Science degree program provides the first two years of a four-year Computer Science degree.  Our program is designed using the SUNY Pathway for Computer Science, allowing students to easily transfer to any SUNY Computer Science program as a Junior.  Our program also facilitates transfer to computer-related degree programs at private institutions.  Computer Science programs are experiencing increased enrollments across the country, producing large class sizes.  But SUNY Niagara continues to provide small class sizes and personal attention to help our students succeed.

Computer Science student

Degree Program Learning Outcomes

The assessment of student learning outcomes is not only a key indicator of program effectiveness, it is also one of the standards of excellence identified by the Middle States Commission (Standard 5) and is required through the SUNY assessment initiative.

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