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Starfish Success Network

Starfish Success Network

"committed to maintaining the hallmarks of student centered-ness, accessibility, comprehensiveness, collegiality, community partnership, and lifelong learning." --the NCCC Mission Statement

"leader in providing a dynamic, high-quality educational environment responsive to current and emerging needs of our students and community." --the NCCC Vision Statement

Starfish Early Alert™ and Starfish Connect™ will be implemented through a pilot program starting in summer 2017 at Niagara County Community College with the goals of increased student persistence and retention and to promote educational excellence both in and out of the classroom. The pilot program includes the following populations of students:

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  • Nursing and Practical Nursing Majors
  • NFCI Campus Majors
  • Online Only Students

Why Are We Using It?

This retention solution software alerts students and advisors when academic performance issues arise which threaten the success of the student. Students are then connected with advisors, faculty and other resources on campus to help promote and support their success. The software will be accessed through a tab in Blackboard Learn and provide students and advisors with a convenient portal to monitor progress toward educational goals. If you have additional questions after exploring this page, send your questions to

How Does this Affect Me as a Student?

Don't panic! Starfish flags, kudos, and referrals are simply notifications that you might receive as a student from your instructor or advisor. They do not indicate grades. If you receive a flag or a referral, you are strongly encouraged to take action early and speak with your course instructor, your advisor, and/or the office with whom you were referred. Starfish provides you with a central location from which to connect to the people and services that can help you succeed—all accessible right from your Starfish home page.

Can I Flag Myself if I Need Help?

Help is available! If you have a concern that is impacting your success, you will be able to request help via Starfish, and the Starfish Success Team member will assist you.

To do so, you will need to log into Blackboard, click on the Starfish tab (currently under construction), and click on the “Raise My Hand” button on the left-hand navigation bar. Select from list, the type of help you are requesting from the drop-down menu and add any relevant comments that would help us know how to help you.