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2016-2018 Distinguished Student Scholarship Graduates

What’s Next?

Ariana Burns

Ariana Burns – Computer Science

Future Plans: Ariana will continue her education at Fredonia to attain her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

What the DSS Award Means to Her: The DSS Scholarship means to me an opportunity. That is, an opportunity to educate myself while being free from financial constraints. It was a chance to not only better myself, but also explore other opportunities without the fear that failure would cost more than just time. For this, I thank the Scholarship Committee and all those who made this possible.

Casey Gruarin

Casey Gruarin – Sport Management

Future Plans: Casey plans on transferring to a four-year college, but is still undecided. He would like to earn his Bachelor’s Degree and eventually his Master’s. He would also like to continue playing baseball and hopes one day to become a General Manager for a sport’s team.

What the DSS Award Means to Him: The DSS Scholarship is a great honor for anyone who receives it. To be involved with the College in more ways than just as a student, but as a volunteer with the Alumni Association and other offices is a special opportunity that only a handful of students are given. The DSS Scholarship has created so many connections and relationships for me with great people that will last a lifetime. I have been provided an amazing opportunity that I will use to get a job and eventually give back to NCCC and the people who have helped me through my time here.

Marissa Kendall

Marissa Kendall – Humanities & Social Science

Future Plans: Marissa will continue her education at Niagara University to attain her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

What the DSS Award Means to Her: The DSS Scholarship has helped me start my education and determine which career path I would like to take without financial burden. I am extremely grateful for this award and the opportunities it has provided me.

Devin Litten

Devin Litten – Humanities & Social Science

Future Plans: Devin will continue his education at Niagara University pursuing his degree in Education with a focus in History.

What the DSS Award Means to Him: The DSS Scholarship was an amazing way for me to be able to excel in my studies without having to worry about the added pressure of finances. I am thankful that I was given this opportunity to put more focus on my school work and achieve my goals.

Vincent Piazza

Vincent Piazza – Animal Management

Future Plans: Vince is currently unsure of his future plans although he is very happy for the experience and memories that NCCC has provided him.

What the DSS Award Means to Him: This scholarship is very important to me. It not only allowed me to go to college and receive an education, but also make some incredible new friends and amazing memories. This opportunity will help open the door for me with a career in the real world. I’m honored that I was able to represent NCCC in such an iconic way.

Quinn Wilson

Quinn Wilson – Nursing

Future Plans: Quinn would like to continue her future education in the field of nursing, but unsure of which institution she will attend.

What the DSS Award Means to Her: This scholarship has allowed me to pursue my goals in the healthcare field. The knowledge that I gained from NCCC will allow me to become an influential member of my community and it is all thanks to your help and generosity.

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