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CLEP Exams: College Level Examination Program

Niagara County Community College recognizes that learning takes place in all phases of life, not just in a classroom. CLEP exams offer college credit for knowledge you have acquired through independent study, prior course work, professional development, on-the-job training, cultural pursuits or in some other manner. Consult the current NCCC CLEP Exam Transfer Equivalency Guide.

The tests are based upon typical courses offered at most colleges. It is important that students consult their home schools/advisors to verify CLEP credits earned are acceptable as course equivalents.

CLEP exams are computer-based, approximately 90 minutes in length and primarily include multiple-choice questions.  Some exams, like College Composition, include an essay section.  Language exams include listening sections.  Students can sit for two exams in a day, each requiring CLEP/ administration fees.

How to Schedule a CLEP exam

  1. Schedule a test date by emailing Please include date/time you would like to sit for the exam and your phone number. You will receive a confirmation email.
  2. Create a personal account through the “My Account” registration portal at Use this account to select the exam(s) you intend to take and pay the $93* CLEP exam fee.
  3. In addition to the $93exam fee you will also have to pay a $30 proctoring fee. The $30 fee can be paid using the “Pay Now” button below.

CLEP exams are free to eligible military service members, spouses and civilian employees (see eligibility details).  Please note, this does not include the $30 NCCC administrative fee.

Upcoming CLEP Testing

DayDate Time
WednesdayAugust 23, 20235:00PM
WednesdaySeptember 13, 20235:00PM
SaturdaySeptember 16, 20239:00AM
SaturdaySeptember 16, 202311:00AM
WednesdayOctober 4, 20235:00PM
SaturdayOctober 7, 20239:00AM
SaturdayOctober 7, 202311:00AM
SaturdayNovember 4, 20239:00AM
SaturdayNovember 4, 202311:00AM
WednesdayNovember 8, 20235:00PM
SaturdayDecember 2, 20239:00AM
SaturdayDecember 2, 202311:00AM
WednesdayDecember 6, 20235:00PM

On exam day, bring the following to NCCC Testing Center A-167

  1. A valid registration ticket from the “My Account” registration portal. Registering for an exam provides you with a payment receipt and a CLEP Registration Ticket; you also must contact a test center to schedule the date and time you wish to take the test.
  2. A PayPal receipt for $30.00.
  3. Identification: your driver’s license, passport or other government-issued identification that includes your photograph and signature. Your first and last name on your ID must match the name on your registration ticket. Please visit the CLEP website for complete identification requirements.

Directions to NCCC Sanborn Campus

Testing Center A-167: Internal Campus Map

Military Waivers

CLEP exams are free for eligible military personnel through the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES). For more information on CLEP for military personnel – go to

Preparing for a CLEP exam

Most students find that test preparation is necessary and helpful. For study information, visit  For each exam, there is an outline of the knowledge and skill covered in the test, sample questions, and a list of textbooks/resources for study materials. You can also take a practice exam:

Contact the Testing Center

Phone: 716-614-6728
Location: A-167, Notar Administration Building
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00am – 4:00pm