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John R. Oishei Child Development Center

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The goal of the Niagara County Department of Health Immunization Program is to prevent the occurrence and transmission of vaccine-preventable diseases. We ensure the delivery of all required and recommended vaccines to children and adults as recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). We work with the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) Immunization program to promote vaccines and to increase immunization rates among children and adults in Niagara County.

Vaccines are provided free of charge to children under 19 years of age if the child qualifies for the NYSDOH Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program. This also applies to individuals 19 years of age and older if they are attending college and require the Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) vaccine.

Vaccines are also available for a fee to children and adults with private health insurance who are not eligible for VFC vaccine.

For children under 18 years of age, parents must bring their child and the child’s immunization record with them to the clinic. If the parent is unable to bring their child to clinic, a responsible adult over the age of 18 can bring the child to clinic. The parent must provide the responsible adult with the child’s immunization record and a signed permission slip stating who is bringing their child to the clinic and that we have permission for their child to receive the necessary vaccines.

If you require tuberculin skin testing for college entrance or work requirements, you will need two appointments; one to apply the test and one to read the results two to three days later.

View recommended Immunization Schedules for children and adults.

Immunization Clinic Sites

Niagara Falls: Trott Access Center, 1001 – Eleventh Street, Niagara Falls, NY 14301
Lockport: Trinity Lutheran Church, 67 Saxton Street at LaGrange, Lockport, NY 14094
For a complete list of vaccines offered at our clinics, cost of vaccines and associated fees or to schedule an appointment, call 716-278-1903.

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Christine Duquin
Director of Child Development Center
Phone: 716-614-6245
Location: D-118
Regular Hours: Mon-Thur, 7:45am – 5:00pm | Fri, 7:45am – 4:00pm (August-May)
Summer Hours: Mon-Thur, 7:45am – 4:00pm (May-August)