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Workforce Development

Industrial Electronics

SUNY Niagara has partnered with CNC Technical Solutions Inc (CNCTS) to offer a total of five classes (phases) devoted specifically to covering Industrial Electronics, Programmable Logic Controls, and Motor Controls which are designed to enhance the technical skills of students from the basics through the advanced level subject material.

The curriculum for these classes has been designed by our most experienced Engineers and Technicians for students to attain and increase real-world technical skills and make themselves marketable in today’s competitive job market. From incumbent workers to Veterans, non-traditional students, and underemployed individuals, CNCTS has experience training students from diverse backgrounds.

CNCTS Classes

Phase 1 – Industrial Electronics is an instructor-led class that covers both the Electrical and Electronic theory and practice applications. Students will work in a classroom lab setting and learn electrical and electronic fundamentals using a variety of meters and testing equipment. Students will work during this class on several building projects from kits. This class will combine electrical theory and lab components in building fundamental electrical and troubleshooting skills.

Dates/Times:  Monday January 29th – May 20th (17 classes)
Wednesday January 31st – May 22nd (17 weeks)
Location: CNC Technical Solutions, 460 East Center St., Medina NY, 14103
Cost: $4,600
Classroom and Lab Hours: Combined 136 total hours.

Phase 2 – Industrial Controls is an instructor-led class that will introduce Industrial Control applications in a typical manufacturing or another environment. Theory, implementation, and practical review of Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) and their associated devices and systems will be the basis of this class. CNCTS has designed tabletop simulators of the manufacturing process that will be used as a lab trainer to assist learning, theory, and practical application of PLC systems.

Dates/Times: TBD
Location: CNC Technical Solutions, 460 East Center St., Medina NY, 14103
Cost: TBD
Classroom and Lab Hours: Combined 136 total hours.

Industrial Electronics


CNC Technical Solutions Inc
Phone: 585-798-9889
Location: 460 East Center St., Medina NY, 14103

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