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Training Programs for Legal Careers

The demand for trained legal professionals has never been higher.  Major corporations, Healthcare Facilities, Insurance Companies, Government Agencies, and Law Offices all employ our students.


Why Choose CLS?

The Center for Legal Studies has been training paralegals since 1980. Through its vast network of partners, colleges, and universities, online courses created by CLS are taught by seasoned attorneys, paralegals, and other legal experts. Its online paralegal certificate course in NY is top-notch and delivered using state-of-the-art technology.

Here at the Center for Legal Studies, we make paralegal training in New York fast, affordable, and career-oriented. Our programs are also flexible to fit your current situation; you may choose between our Independent or Online Study programs.

We bring decades of experience in delivering online coursework and certification programs for the legal profession. Enroll now and get your certificate of completion from your college or university of choice.

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Legal Studies


  • Advanced Paralegal Certificate Course
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Certificate Course
  • eDiscovery for Paralegals
  • Employment Law Certificate Course
  • Intellectual Property Law for Engineers
  • Law School Preparation Course
  • Legal Investigation Certificate Course
  • Legal Nurse Consultant Training Course
  • Legal Secretary Certificate Course
  • Medical Professional Legal Consultant
  • Preparing for the GRE
  • Preparing for the LSAT
  • Victim Advocacy Certificate Course

"I finished the Paralegal Certificate Course this month. The class was fantastic!!! I am so proud to have been a part of CLS! The admin staff and instructors were outstanding. They always provided assistance whenever I needed it. I would definitely recommend CLS for anyone who is looking for online course in the legal field. Thank you again CLS!"

Patty T.

"I totally recommend CLS. I took the paralegal class and it was very thorough, very challenging and incredibly supportive. It takes dedication and motivation to do an online class. It was the best experience I've had!"

Linda O.

"I took the Paralegal course and loved it! I graduated at the top of the class ... the instructor, Vicki, REALLY brought out the best in all of us! I highly recommend this class & CLS!"

Jo Hannah P.

"Great option for working adults. So many different course options so little time."

Lisa M.

"The courses offered are streamlined and hands on applicable on the job in the relevant area of study in the paralegal field."

Charles O.

"I completed the Paralegal Certificate program this fall. I had been working as a paralegal for a while but had no formal training or legal education. This was a very rigorous, informative course that will be invaluable in the rest of my career. I am looking forward to taking some of the advanced topics that coincide with my current area of practice."

Sara C.


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