Wellness Center

Personal Counseling

It is the mission of the NCCC Wellness Center Personal Counselors to provide free and confidential counseling services to students in a safe, friendly environment and to work towards improving the mental health of students with the overall goal of improving their personal, academic, and overall functioning. Counseling services include short term individual therapy, group therapy, educational workshops, consultation services, crisis intervention, and referral services. All aspects of counseling are strength based as Counselors work collaboratively with students, staff and community services to provide solution focused therapy to enhance the quality of student life. We are dedicated to empowering students to make informed, positive lifestyle choices, to take responsibility for self care, and to achieve optimal levels of wellness in order to reach their full academic potential.

It is normal for college students to have some personal doubts and to experience personal problems and challenges. Licensed Counselors in the NCCC Wellness Center provide confidential short term personal counseling at no cost to NCCC students. Counselors work with students to help them understand and explore how their feelings and thoughts influence their choices, decisions, and actions. Our Counselors help students to develop more effective coping and problem-solving skills and to help improve overall functioning. Personal Counseling at NCCC is designed to be short term, however if more intensive services are deemed necessary, a referral will be made to appropriate community agencies.

Counseling Services offered include:

  • Educational Workshops: Varied throughout the semester. Please refer to Unschedule or contact the Wellness Center for more information.
  • Consultation Services: Provided for NCCC faculty, staff, and students in regard to NCCC students.
  • Crisis-Intervention/Emergency Sessions: Offered on an as-needed basis throughout the academic year.
  • Group Therapy: Varied throughout semester. Check with the NCCC Wellness Center staff for updated list of groups.
  • Referral Services: Appropriate referrals to community agencies will be made as necessary.
  • Short-Term Individual Therapy: Currently enrolled students (part or full time) are eligible for 4 sessions per semester. (Extension of the number of sessions is at the discretion of the counselor). Sessions typically run 45-50 minutes.

**Please note: The NCCC Wellness Center does not provide psychiatric services, but has an extensive referral list to assist students with services in the community**

Scheduling an Appointment

To schedule an appointment or for more information, please contact the Wellness Center at 614-6275 or stop by the office in Room C-122.

In the event of an emergency, if you are on campus, you may call the Wellness Center at 614-6275 or Campus Security at 614-6400 (dial ext. 6400 from on campus phones). For emergencies after business hours, or an off-campus emergency, please call Niagara County Crisis Services 716-285-3515 or call 911.


Cheri Yager MSN, BSN, RN
Supervisor of College Nursing Services/Wellness Center
Phone: 716-614-6275
Fax: 716-614-6817
Email: yager@niagaracc.suny.edu
Location: C-122