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Accessibility Services

How To Register

It is a common misconception that IEP and 504 plans automatically transfer to college.  In order to receive disability-related services and accommodations as a student or prospective student with a disability at SUNY Niagara, self-identification is required. We request you introduce yourself with the office at least 2 weeks prior to the semester starting in order to have all accommodations in place before the first day of classes.  The Accessibility Services (AS) Office recommends Juniors and Seniors from high school schedule their intake appointments up to a year in advance of their anticipated starting semester.

AS staff and the student requesting services jointly participate in the deliberative process determine accommodations.  SUNY Niagara requests all students provide both documentation of a qualifying disability and a self report during the intake process of how the identified disability presents a barrier in the educational setting.

The procedures to receive accommodations are outlined below:

  1. The student should request a copy of their psychological evaluation and IEP/504 plan be sent to the AS Office (fax 716-614-6819 or
  2. The student should schedule an intake appointment to meet with the Program Coordinator (call 716-614-6728 or schedule online).
Schedule your appointment

3. The student will self report access needs & barriers during their intake appointment.
4. Accessibility Services staff determine/grant any appropriate accommodations which support equal access at SUNY Niagara.

Once accommodations are established:

  1. Students receiving accommodations are sent “Letters of Accommodation” each semester the week before classes begin.
  2. The AS Office sends lists of students with granted accommodations to instructional faculty.
  3. While not required, AS recommends students meet to discuss their accommodations with their instructors.
  4. Students should complete a Testing Reservation Form when they plan on utilizing granted testing accommodations.
  5. Each semester student technology loans and alternative text conversion services should be requested in a proactive manner.
  6. If a student is experiencing a new barrier related to their disability, they should notify the AS office immediately.

Intake Process

View the intake process for How to Get Started with Accessibility Services.


A student’s documentation can be provided in a variety of forms, as different health fields utilize an array of diagnostic testing. Documentation must be provided by the professional(s) with the appropriate credentials to diagnose, treat, and monitor each diagnosed disability. The professional must also have an established relationship with the student/patient.

Documentation Examples:
(non-exclusive list)

  1. High school psych eval & IEP/504 Plan
  2. Psychological Evaluation
  3. Letter from treating physician
  4. SUNY Niagara Medical Documentation Form (Health/Sensory/Motor)
  5. Audiology/Speech Evaluation

Guidelines & Forms


Accessibility Services
Phone: 716-614-6728
Fax: 716-614-6819
Location: A-167