Humanities and Social Sciences

About the Division

The Humanities and Social Sciences Division houses courses that examine the products of human intellect. In a complex world it is essential for educated individuals to understand the human footprint on our planet as mediated by the thought and actions of individuals, societies and cultures.

Typically, each semester, the Division offers over 200 course sections across 10 disciplines. The award-winning faculty in this division takes teaching seriously as they engage students in coursework that promotes excellence in student writing, reading, thinking and analysis of their intellectual legacy. The information, concepts and attitudes conveyed in these courses are easily applied to many career goals. These disciplines not only form the bedrock of numerous transfer and certificate programs, but they also meet the requirements of SUNY General Education goals.

Our faculty provides excellent teaching because of the dedication and interest that we have in each and every one of our students. If our students look at and pursue their education as an investment, an investment into their future, the faculty in the Humanities and Social Sciences Division will provide them with that investment. Your success is important to us and we look forward to sharing your journey towards achieving your goals.

Program Coordinators

Dr. Mark Bonacci

Chemical Dependency Counseling, Disabilities Studies, Early Childhood Studies, and Human Services

Phone: 716-614-6755
Location: E-132

Theodore Skotnicki

Theodore Skotnicki

Criminal Justice

Phone: 716-614-6749
Location: E-247

Ian Stapley

Dr. Ian Stapley

Environmental Studies

Phone: 716-614-6722
Location: E-254

Marc Pietrzykowski

Marc Pietrzykowski

English, Liberal Arts and Sciences

Phone: 716-614-6807
Location: E-226

Estelle Steiner

Environmental Studies

Phone: 716-614-6418
Location: C-246

Dr. Matthew Clarcq

Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities & Social Sciences

Phone: 716-614-6753
Location: E-130

Michele Hamilton

Liberal Arts and Sciences: Humanities and Social Sciences (Jointly Registered With SUNY College At Buffalo - Childhood Education 1-6 BS), A.A., Liberal Arts & Sciences: TESOL (Jointly Registered with Niagara University), and Teaching Assistant

Phone: 716-614-6708
Location: E-227

Laura Scaletta


Phone: 716-614-6767
Location: E-127


Robert Morris
Division Chair
Phone: 716-614-6720
Location: E-246