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Advanced Pastry (non-credit)

Whisk into the world of advanced pastries with this microcredential. Ideal for culinary professionals seeking advancement or students immersed in on-campus culinary programs, this program delves into advanced pastry skills and techniques. Elevate your expertise in culinary cannabis and sweeten your culinary career prospects. Immerse yourself in hands-on training guided by seasoned pastry chefs, unlocking a world of delightful confections and refined techniques.


PAS 142 - Baking Nutrition and Special Diets

The essentials of nutrition and how they relate to the individual will be stressed. The student will learn how to prepare desserts to retain the greatest amount of nutrients, so the baked good is healthful and still appealing to the eye. The student will learn about carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and other nutrients, and how these relate to the optimum functioning of the body. The student will learn about different groups of people who for health reasons or other, have decided to eat a special diet. These groups of people are important to our customer base and understanding their needs is paramount in making sure they are included and represented in baked goods options.

PAS 203 - Showpieces

A study of techniques needed to produce chocolate, sugar, and/or isomalt and pastillage showpieces. Proper heating, cooling, and cooking temperatures will be taught, along with structural design. Students will produce sculptures in each of the mediums.


Pre-Requisites: PAS 100, PAS 101, PAS 102, PAS 103, PAS 106, PAS 110

PAS 201 - Candies and Confections

A study of European confections with an emphasis on candies, jellies, truffles, and chocolates. Proper ingredient selection will be emphasized as well as classic techniques needed to produce high-quality, hand-crafted products.

Pre-Requisites: PAS 100, PAS 101, PAS 102, PAS 103, PAS 106, PAS 110

CUL 250 - Culinary Cannabis and Edibles

This course includes an important introduction to the legal, financial, and societal issues surrounding the culinary cannabis industry. Learn about the laws that govern cannabis distribution, cultivation, possession, and consumption for adults and medical patients. Additionally, this course will explore the history of cannabis, plant anatomy, concentrates and extracts, the human endocannabinoid system, cannabis terpenes, culinary cannabis industry math, cannabis shopping/storage/cooking, and careers available in the industry. This course is specifically designed to prepare students for the American Culinary Federation Specialization Certificate in Culinary Cannabis and Edibles Exam.

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