Campus Security

NCCC Campus Security

Report a CrimeThe NCCC Security Department provides safety and security services on the Sanborn Campus including the Student Housing Village and at the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute Campus. This department consists of highly trained and licensed security professionals who assist and protect the College community.

The NCCC Security Office in located in G106 on the Sanborn Campus. We are on the North side of G-building, near the G1 Snack bar and have a blue light at our building entrance located near the traffic circle between housing and the Sanborn Campus. NCCC Security is located at the reception desk at the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute on the East side of the atrium.

As a service-oriented group, the Security Department is responsible for assisting in first aid, personal safety, CPR, AED, fire & traffic safety, crime prevention, emergency notification, lectures on various topics, and documenting incidents that occur on campus.

NCCC Security Officers have the authority to ask persons for identification and to determine whether individuals have lawful business on campus. Security Officers may detain persons suspected of unlawful activity. They also have the authority to issue parking tickets, which are payable to the Town of Cambria. Criminal incidents are referred to the police agencies that have jurisdiction on campus.

New York State Police (716) 297-0755
Niagara County Sheriffs Dept. (716) 438-3393 or 911
City of Niagara Falls Police Dept. (716) 286-4711 or 911


  • We can be reached by calling: 614-6400 from an off campus line.
  • Calling extension, 555 or 6400 from on-campus Sanborn phones or ext 2555 from NFCI phones.
  • Blue phones on the Sanborn Campus by lifting receiver
  • By reporting directly to our offices; Sanborn Campus - G106, NFCI Office - Reception