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S/U Grades

Considerations you should make prior to electing S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) grading:

  • A student may want GPA-impacting course grades in order to be competitive for transfer school admissions (and other purposes external to the program);
  • A student may need GPA-impacting course grades in order to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress;
  • A student may need GPA-impacting course grades in order to meet the institutional GPA requirement for graduation;
  • For the transfer to non-SUNY institutions, students should consult their intended receiving campus to understand how Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory courses would be received in the transfer.  Consultation with the receiving campus should allow the student to make an informed decision about Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory options.

You may elect to take a course with a grade of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U). Access the online request form.   However, in addition to your signature, the electronic signatures of your instructor and your advisor are required. You must file an S/U form with the Registration & Records Office through the 13th week of a Fall or Spring (16-week) semester, or before 85% completion of modular classes, Summer classes, or classes offered during the winter intersession.

You should discuss the ramifications of this decision to elect an S/U with your advisor and instructor. In addition, if you are planning to transfer to another college, you should be aware that an S/U grade may not be accepted. Please check with your transfer college on its requirements. Note: once this form has been filed, the decision is irreversible.

A grade of S will indicate satisfactory completion of the course and will receive credit. However, no credit is given for a remedial course. A grade of U will indicate unsatisfactory completion of the course and will receive no credit. Neither an S grade nor a U grade will affect your grade point average. Some courses are graded only on the S/U grading system. In this case, the instructor will notify you that this is the only grading system for the course and you do not have to file an S/U form.

If you are enrolled in an associate degree program, a maximum of 16 credit hours may be taken S/U. If you are in a certificate program, the maximum is 8 credit hours. It is recommended that these credit hours be taken outside your major area of study.


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